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Welcome to CKD Culinary Consulting

About Linda

Owner of CKD Culinary Consulting, Professional Cook and graduate of Aguste Escoffier Culinary School.


ISSA® certified Nutritionist, Culinary Consultant for American Kidney Fund®, Certified Kidney Health Coach.


Author, Educational instructor, and a caregiver to her husband who has stage 3 kidney disease.


Linda is passionate about showing people that you can easily adapt to the restrictions of a CKD diet. She has spent years gathering information to help kidney disease patients make an easy transition into the limitations of CKD and show that great tasting food can be had.



She is the author of "The CKD Diet Guide".

 The book covers many topics such as:


Food Restrictions, Adaptations, Food substitutions

How to meal and menu plan, Budgeting
Product suggestions, Where to locate hard to find ingredients
Labels and calculating mineral amounts
Cooking equipment, Cooking techniques and building flavors
Food safety, Food storage
Spices and seasonings
Dining out, gatherings and holidays
and more!

Linda's dedication to the CKD lifestyle is yours to benefit from. Find the answers you have been looking for.

Healthy Happy Flavor!


10% of all net proceeds are donated to American Kidney Fund.



 As a Culinary Consultant...


So many recipes available to the CKD community are not coming from a culinary perspective. This results in bland, boring meals that give no pleasure in eating.


Most lack texture, depth, balance, and harmony. Many deliver small portion sizes, and nearly all of them have incorrect or incomplete cooking instructions.


Utilizing Linda's culinary expertise, you will receive a full evaluation of a recipe.

She includes updates, changes, substitutions, product suggestions, allergen alerts, revised ingredient lists, step-by-step instructions for the most culinary challenged to follow, photographs of the prepared dish, and more.


She gains inspiration from many sources to create new recipes as well. Always allowing for easy adaptations for personal and dietary preferences. In addition, recipes include suggestions for complimentary foods such as fruits, vegetables, or proteins to accompany the dish.


She works with many organizations, providing cooking demonstrations and informational webinars.


If you are interested in her services, please contact her by email.



Many of her recipes are posted on American Kidney Fund's Kidney Kitchen® website. 

If you want food that will make your taste buds sing, check them out!

She is changing the world of CKD cooking and paving the way to great tasting foods low in sodium, potassium, and phosphorus.

Current Projects


 Although her focus is currently on expanding vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and low carb options, she enjoys adapting classic and historical recipes to bring those favorite comfort foods back to you.